A Spring Floral Crown; Quick and Easy DIY

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know I’m a twin mama. You might also know, it took a lot of work to get these babes here. I spent two months on hospitalized bed rest. The girls were born at 31 weeks and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. So I missed out on some typical pregnancy/new mom milestones. Which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that big of a deal, especially since the girls are now thriving; but I did still want to experience some of them.

One was preserving memories with maternity and newborn photo shoots. I thought I would do a 6 month one instead; and we’re going big. I love the boho trend right now and wanted to wear a floral crown. Being a little underwhelmed by the pricing and options of the ones I found online; I decided to make my own!

This project came together so fast…not only would it be a great craft for a stylized photo shoot, but you could make them for a wedding, too! Scroll down for the quick and easy tutorial!

DIY Floral Crown


You’ll probably want to choose 4-5 different types of florals/berries about 2 smaller flowers and 1-2 statement ones (like the roses and lilacs I used.). I found these at Joann’s. If you are using individual stems, you’ll need about 6 of each. You can also get 1-2 bunches of greenery. I simply used the leaves from my bunches for my floral crown.

Step 1:

Cut a length of the natural wire about the length of the circumference of your head. Gently wrap the wire around your head, twist where the two ends meet. Wrap any excess wire around the circle. Wrap extra all the way around, as needed, this will make the floral crown a little sturdier.

Step 2:

I removed the plastic pieces from the leaves and hot glued them to cover the floral crown.

Step 3:

Clip individual flowers and arrange them in groups of 3-4. Wraps with floral wire, then tape.

Step 4:

Begin glueing the stems to the floral crown. Place one bunch at a time, and then before glueing, place the next to gauge where it should go. To help stabilize and position the flowers a little more, you can wrap portions with a bit of floral wire.

adventures in crafting, floral crown, floral crowns, wedding crowns, bridal floral crowns

I love how these turned out, check out my Instagram for update pics from my photo shoot coming up!

Happy Crafting!

Love, Erin

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How to Make Your Own Jersey Yarn

adventures-in-crafting, jersey-yarn, tshirt-yarn

In anticipation of a DIY project for baby coming on Wednesday; today I have a tutorial on how to make jersey fabric yarn. The great thing about jersey (or T-shirt) yarn is its versatility. It can be used for anything from home decor projects to jewelry. With this tutorial you can customize your creations even more by choosing jersey knit fabric in any color or print you’d like! Scroll down for the tutorial!

adventures-in-crafting, jersey-yarn, tshirt-yarn 1

Step 1: Prepare your fabric

Cut the selvedge edge from your fabric. Fold your fabric in half widthwise; right sides together, and sew the edges together to make a tube. (Tip: if you are using a fabric with a print on it; fold lengthwise and check that the sides when folded turn in like the picture below…otherwise the print on your yarn will be inside out!) You can use a sewing machine or a serger.

adventures-in-crafting, jersey-yarn, tshirt-yarn 2

*see how the edges curl away from the right side of the fabric?

adventures-in-crafting, jersey-yarn, tshirt-yarn 3

Step 2: Fold the fabric

Fold your fabric in half widthwise (or lengthwise) again, leaving the seamed edge 1/2″ from the top edge.

adventures-in-crafting, jersey-yarn, tshirt-yarn 4

Step 3: Begin to Cut the Strips

With a straight edge; cut 1″ strips. (You can also leave a 1″ space from the fold to the top edge and cut your strips at 2″ for a little thicker yarn.) Start at the folded edge and continue until you reach the seamed edge. You will cut the seamed edge but do not continue past that. Continue to the end, trim any extra fabric.

adventures-in-crafting, jersey-yarn, tshirt-yarn 5

Step 4: Finish Cutting Continuous Strip

(1) Unfold the strips. (2) Begin cutting diagonally from strip to strip as pictured. (This is important as it’s what gets you your continuous strip of yarn.)

adventures-in-crafting, jersey-yarn, tshirt-yarn 6

Step 5: Stretch Strip

Move along the length of the strip and pull so the edges start to curl in.

adventures-in-crafting, jersey-yarn, tshirt-yarn 7

Step 6: pull along the entire length of the yarn

adventures-in-crafting, jersey yarn, tshirt-yarn 8

Step 7: Roll up your Jersey Yarn

Finish up by wrapping your yarn into a ball.

So go find some jersey knit fabric and get to making! Check back on Wednesday & Friday for more ways to use your handmade jersey yarn!

Happy Crafting!

Love, Erin

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Candy Heart Friendship Bracelets for Valentine’s Day

adventures in crafting, heart friendship braceletsValentine’s Day is only 2 days away, and today I have a fairly quick and easy bracelet tutorial as a last minute gift idea. The inspiration for this post came from HonestlyWTF, I loved the candy bright colors that they used. Also, I provide written steps below, but simpleDIYs on YouTube has a video that can provide a little better visual. You can find it here. To be honest, it took me some trial and error to get the steps down, so watching the video was helpful for me too.

To begin you’ll need:

  • 2 different colors of embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard/Tape
  • Seam Ripper (opt) – I used the tip to pull out knots when I messed up!

adventures in crafting, heart friendship bracelets 1

Step 1: Cut 4 strands of each color at about 36″ long…for a total of 8 strands.
Step 2: Gather together and tie a knot on one end, leaving about a 5-6 inch tail. Tape down the knot to a flat working surface, or clip onto a clipboard.
Step 3: Spread and alternate the strands, starting with the color strands you want to make the hearts with on the outside. (You will have two strands of the same color next to one another, in the middle)

adventures in crafting, heart friendship bracelets 2

Step 4: Make your first knot on the left side using the outermost strand (aqua). Create a 4-shape on top of the second strand (lavender). Loop the tail under the second strand and back up through the opening of the 4. Pull tight, pulling the tail in the opposite direction of the point of the 4. *Repeat

**Throughout this whole project, you will tie two knots on every strand

Step 5: Work your way across, using the same aqua strand. As you see in the picture above, you loop over the second strand first, then move along to the 2nd and 3rd strands. Then leave that first aqua strand in the middle.

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 on the right side. The only difference is that you begin the knots by making a backwards 4 shape.

adventures in crafting, heart friendship bracelets 4

Step 7: Once you end with both aqua strands in the middle. Take the right strand and make a backwards 4-knot, twice to finish. This strand will then end up on the left side. Repeat steps 4-7 starting with the new outermost strand, here it is lavender. Once you finish, you will have two rows of chevron knots.

adventures in crafting, heart friendship bracelets 5

Step 8: Now we begin the heart rows. Take the second strand from the left and make a backwards 4-knot over the first strand on the left (remember do this twice!) Then repeat on the right side.

adventures in crafting, heart friendship bracelets 6

Step 9 & 10: Next, the first strand has become the second strand. You will use it to 4-knot over strands marked 1 and 2 above. Then you’ll repeat on the right side with backwards 4-knots on strands 3 and 4.

Step 11: When you reach the middle, again use a backwards 4-knot to finish the row.

Step 12: Repeat steps 9-11. You should have something that looks like the picture right below.

adventures in crafting, heart friendship bracelets 7

Step 13 & 14: Repeat steps 4-7 (The first chevron row will finish your heart)

Step 15 & 16: Repeat steps 8-12

*So, the whole bracelet is made by making two chevron rows and two heart rows. I confused myself at one point, because I forgot that the chevron row that finished the heart is also the first chevron row of the set of two.

adventures in crafting, heart friendship bracelets 8

I finished with two chevron rows and tied another knot. My bracelet from knot to knot measured about 4-5 inches. I then completed a square braid on either side. To do so, I gathered the strands into pairs and lined them up alternating colors. To begin, take strand 4 and loop it under 3, around 2, and then finish  between 2 & 3. Then, take strand 1 and loop it under 2, around 4, and finish between 2 and 4. Repeat these two actions, alternating outer strands. (so next would be strand 3 that you loop under 4, and around 1, to finish between 1 and 4. Then move to strand 2) Once it measures about 3″, tie a knot to finish.

adventures in crafting, heart friendship bracelets 9

Finally, I used the tutorial from Purl Soho to complete an adjustable closure to make for easy on and off.

Happy Crafting!



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