Crochet Ruffle Flip Flops for Summer

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On Monday I featured 25 free crochet patterns that can keep you hookin’ through the summer. Feel free to add this one for 26. I think these ruffle flip flops would be fun for a spa day, or as a bridesmaids’ gift. Scroll down for the quick and easy tutorial.

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Crochet Ruffle Flip Flops


Make a slip knot on your hook. Starting about 2.5″ from the back end of the strap begin to single crochet around the strap. You want the top of the stitch to be facing out. When you reach the tip of the thong, make a single crochet around the post and continue single crocheting down the other side; until you have the same amount left on the other side from the stitches to the end. Finish off.

To make the ruffle. Begin in the first stitch by threading the hook through from the top. Chain 3. Then begin 4 double crochets in each single crochet all the way around. Finish off and weave in ends.

Happy Crafting!


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