How-To Sew Easy Knit Baby Headbands


Today I have a quick sewing tutorial for these adorable knotted headbands that have been so popular as of late. This is a really quick sew, and doesn’t use a lot of fabric, which makes it a perfect scrap buster. Scroll down for the tutorial!

Easy Knit Baby Headband


  • Knit fabric (nice scrap buster)
  • Sewing Machine or Serger, optional
  • Knot pattern
  • Pencil

Step 1:

Cut two rectangles from your fabric. One 6.5″ x 15″ (cut the length 1″ shorter than head circumference) the second 6″ x 11″. The direction of greatest stretch should go the length of the fabric.

Step 2:

Fold rectangles in half, lengthwise.

Step 3:

Sew along the edge of the 6.5″ rectangle using 1/4″ seam allowance and zig zag stitch. Print the knot pattern, center on fabric of other rectangle and trace.

Step 4:

Sew along line, leaving an opening where indicated. Use this to turn the knot inside out. You can topstitch the seam close, but since knits don’t unravel, I just left it open. Once tied, the opening is hidden.

Step 5:

Turn headband right side out. Then turn wrong side out half way. Line the edges up as shown below. Made Everyday has a great video that explains how to finish these headbands.

Step 6:

Sew round the two edges together, leaving another opening near the seam; then turn the headband right side out. Again, you can topstitch the seam close, but I just leave it open.

Step 7:

Tie your knot around your headband, adjusting so the openings are hidden. This also hides the seam too!


Happy Crafting!



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