Sew the Look-Lularoe: Customize Looks you Love

adventures in crafting, lularoe, sew the look, sew lularoe

On Wednesday I shared the pleated midi skirt I made that reminded me a lot of the Lularoe brand’s Madison skirt. (You can read more about the project, here.) That got me wondering if there were more sewing patterns out there that could help me get the Lularoe look. I scoured, and rounded up the best sewing patterns I could find for you. Have a favorite Lularoe style? Scroll down to see if there’s a pattern that will help make the look your own!

adventures in crafting, lularoe, sew the look, sew lularoe

featuring Lularoe’s Julia Skirt

1. Amelia

This style presents a little more of a challenge as it combines two separate patterns. The Penelope Peplum pattern provides the fitted bodice and has options for different sleeve lengths. Both pleated skirt patterns are made for woven fabric, but I have had success with B5929 in a knit.

2. Ana or Nicole

Both patterns are great options for recreating the look of these two dresses. The Lady Skater would need some altering, first at the sleeve to replicate the Ana or Nicole’s half sleeves; and second, lengthened for the Ana’s maxi version. The Boundless Knit Dress has the maxi length as an option. Only alteration you might want to make if you’re staying true to the look of the Ana and Nicole is at the neckline.

3. Carly

  • Ebony by Closet Case Patterns

This pattern is very close to matching the Carly. The only thing you would need to add would be an optional pocket.

4. Cassie

This is pretty much the exact same style, a tight fitting pencil skirt with a wide waistband.

featuring Lularoe’s Irma Tunic

5. Madison

Same as with the Amelia, these both offer a box pleated style skirt. Even though they are made for wovens, I have had success with making B5929 from knit fabric.

6. Maxi

A little different as the waistband folds over, but I like this pattern as it captures the swing of the Lularoe Maxi.

7. Classic T

Both a very close match to the Classic T, you might want to shorten 6439’s length a little.

8. Irma

This is the closest match to the Irma I could find. It has a very similar hemline, which would need to be extended. Also the sleeves would need to be shortened. Definitely a project for a more advanced sewist, but it’s a good place to start.

adventures in crafting, lularoe, sew the look, sew lularoe

featuring Lularoe’s Nicole Dress

9. Randy

Both another almost perfect match to the Lularoe Randy. The Rockford has a little more swing to it.

10. Lindsay

Both patterns can give you the look of the Lindsay! Both offer a variety of hem lengths as well to give you more options.

11. Joy or Sarah

I love this pattern hacking line from Simplicity. It offers one pattern with so many options. View 2 for Joy or View 3 for Sarah.

12. Leggings

Last, but not least, the most popular product from Lularoe has to be their leggings. Patterns for Pirates offers a lookalike version and guess what, it’s FREE! Grab some double brushed poly fabric and get sewing!

Happy Crafting!


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