Adorable Baby Bonnets +An Amazing Bias Tape Tutorial

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To let you know a little more about me; I have twin girls conceived via IVF. We were successful after a six year long struggle. As I made it through my fertility challenges, I would imagine the types of projects I’d make for my children one day. These bonnets from See Kate Sew were always at the top of the list.

I began with the classic baby bonnet pattern of hers; which you can find here. (Look for the pixie bonnet in an upcoming post!) I used woven fabrics from Hobby Lobby, and made my own contrasting bias tape.

adventures in crafting baby bonnets

What I love most about this pattern (besides that it is absolutely adorable) is that it is a quick and moderately easy sew…not taking more than an hour; probably less if you use packaged bias tape. If you would like to make your own bias tape, scroll down for the tutorial!

I’m so excited to have my girls wear these bonnets! The light woven fabric will be perfect for upcoming spring season.

adventures on crafting baby bonnets 2

Happy Crafting!


adventures in crafting continous bias tape

Scroll down for how to make a continuous bias tape!

Step 1:

Cut a square piece of fabric.
– 9″ square = ~1 yard of tape
– 15″ square = ~ 3 yards
– 20″ square = ~ 5 yards

Step 2:

With wrong side of fabric facing UP, measure halfway points on
left and right side of the square. Mark with a pin.

Step 3:

Using a pencil, draw a diagonal line across
the fabric from corner to opposite corner.

Cut along the line.

Step 4:

With right sides together, match pins and line up edges of fabric.

Step 5

Sew the edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Press seam open.

Step 6:

With wrong side up…parallel to the long edge of fabric,
mark lines with a pencil your desired width.
The whipstitch blog has a great resource to determine how wide to mark your
strips, here. Trim off any excess.

Step 7:

Turn your fabric right side up, and make a tube by bringing the short edges of your fabric together. On one of the lines close to the center, make a mark 1/4″ from the edge.
Initially your lines will line up (but we don’t want to keep them that way, because you will be left with fabric rings, not bias tape!)

So…you’ll want to shift your fabric so the line you marked is matched with the next line over.
Line up your edges, and now, shift your fabric a tiny bit more so where the paired lines cross one another is also where you made that 1/4″ mark.

Step 8:

Sew the edges with a 1/4′ seam allowance, and press seam open.

Step 9:

Beginning at one end, cut along pencil marks
until you are left with one long strip of bias tape.


Using a bias tape maker, pull the end of the strip through. Iron the tape as you move the bias tape maker along. To make double fold bias tape, fold the tape over onto itself and press again.

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